Muslim American Women Heroes of 2016

The broad consensus is the 2016 has been a tornado of dumpster fires ripping through a kitten orphanage kind of year. That said, in the baddest of times comes the most wonderful of moments. That is the summation of what we can deduce from a recently circulated list of Muslim American women heroes that came…… Continue reading Muslim American Women Heroes of 2016

Muslims: Register Today!

Lists can be great things. To-do lists, Why I love you lists, Pros and cons lists, the list of good lists goes on and on. Then Donald Trump. Leave it to this man to have “create a discriminatory¬†list,” on his to-do list. If you haven’t been able to pick it out among the buffet of…… Continue reading Muslims: Register Today!

Beyond the Hijab

Hopefully you’ve read the piece in this site about the hijab, its rationale, and its origins. If you have you are probably not flummoxed by this story coming out of Berkley, CA about students’ perceptions of the hijab and hijab-wearers’ perceptions of their choice to wear. To the hijab-wearing students at U.C. Berkley, there is…… Continue reading Beyond the Hijab