From Camps to Communities: The Journey of the Refugee

A breakdown of refugee process, the vocab of resettlement, and some good ol’ history of refugee migration.


Yes, religious minorities in the Middle East do exist

The Middle East: sandy deserts, hot, Muslims, Arabs, hummus, camels. This is the stereotype of the Middle East most people know of; much of the world sees the Middle East as one monolithic religious, cultural and ethnic block. In actuality, the Middle East contains a surprising plethora of diversity. Since Islam and the Middle East…… Continue reading Yes, religious minorities in the Middle East do exist

The pluses, minuses, and hows of Shariah Law

If you are a westerner, you are generally told Shariah Law is something to be feared more than nuclear weapons, another great depression, and a Nickleback Christmas album combined. But why is Shariah Law the jurisprudence version of He-who-must-not-be-named? What is it about this set of ideas that have gotten such a bum rap? Here…… Continue reading The pluses, minuses, and hows of Shariah Law

The Hijab- history and justifications

It’s true- not Fox News true but actually factual: the debate about the hijab is contentious and very emotional. Many Muslims feel the Hijab is a symbol of commitment to God. For Westerners it is an often misunderstood piece of cloth that some feel threatens the separation of religion and state or the destruction of it, for…… Continue reading The Hijab- history and justifications

American-Muslims: history, stats and facts

It is estimated that there are between 1.5 to 3 million Muslims in America. Where did they come from? How did they get here? This article will give a brief overview of early Muslims in America and how contemporary Muslim Americans have fit into modern life. A misconception in modern American life is that Muslims and Mosques…… Continue reading American-Muslims: history, stats and facts

How to turn off harassment

Have you seen it? It comes quickly, viciously, and without much warning. If you have been witness to Islamophobia and sat, feeling helpless, there is help for you. A Parisian illustrator going by the name of “Maeril” has published this how-to guide for those witnessing Islamophobia and want to stop it. It basically boils down…… Continue reading How to turn off harassment