American Suicide Bombers

*Editor’s note: I had begun collecting my resources for this article when the shooting in Oregon happened, not when the newest American psychopath shot kids learning. The initial post took time to make so I decided to wait until the next shooting happened (pretty dark but let’s be real, in this country it WILL happen again) Just want to…… Continue reading American Suicide Bombers

Donald Trump: the non-Islamophobe (maybe?)

Even if he wins a second term, Donald Trump’s words this past week will be part of his legacy. Dripping with the verbal maturity of a second grade bully taunting those he deems weaker than himself, Trump stepped out this week as, if not an outright racist, than the shield of racist America. Looking past…… Continue reading Donald Trump: the non-Islamophobe (maybe?)

The Alternative Facts of Ignoring Extremism

You might have heard that the seven countries chosen for Trump’s travel ban include seven the Obama administration designated as being terrorist hotbeds. Put into that light, it seems not only sensible, but damn right prudent to restrict America’s exposure to those places, after all, terror is bad.  But then there are the reports on…… Continue reading The Alternative Facts of Ignoring Extremism

These Refugee Bans Are Naked Bigotry

Trump has wasted no time in following up on his campaign promise of banning refugees (Syrians) from coming to the states. But wait, as an added bonus, he has also banned all immigrants from Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, and Syria. So, if you are not a citizen and you are trying to get in,…… Continue reading These Refugee Bans Are Naked Bigotry

The (kind of) Quiet Before the Storm

Hey Friends, I wanted to reach out to you tonight before the inauguration to spread some hope. It is very likely the next four (or less) years will be very, very hard. From violence to registries, there is reason to be afraid. Some say the election of Donald Trump is proof that Islamophobia and racism…… Continue reading The (kind of) Quiet Before the Storm

“Wear a hoodie, not a hijab”

When wood chips were thrown into the face of her one-year-old son by a grown ass man who screamed, “I can’t wait until Trump is president because he’ll send you back to where you came from, ” was when Melissa Grajek decided to stop wearing her hijab. Ilhan Omar, a recently elected Minnesotan representative and…… Continue reading “Wear a hoodie, not a hijab”

Muslim American Women Heroes of 2016

The broad consensus is the 2016 has been a tornado of dumpster fires ripping through a kitten orphanage kind of year. That said, in the baddest of times comes the most wonderful of moments. That is the summation of what we can deduce from a recently circulated list of Muslim American women heroes that came…… Continue reading Muslim American Women Heroes of 2016