For-profit colleges kick immigrants while they’re down.

In case you forgot, for-profit schools (like Trump University) are still ripping off the people whose only crime was looking for a better life. Until recently, for-profits were the target of government scorn, penned in and de-fanged by the Obama administration.

Flash to Trump, and not only have for-profits been re-released on the American public, but in some dicksonian sick twist, Phoenix University- the queen bee of for-profits- is even targeting the pocketbooks of refugees under the guise of kombaya moments.

A History of Exploitation

Besides the usual thimblerig for-profits run on hopeful achievers, for-profits have a history of explicitly exploiting veterans for their education awards as part of their GI Bills. Overeager doesn’t even begin to describe for-profits’ quickness to enroll vets, in many cases for-profits registered soldiers while they were on deployment.

In 2015 and before, a massive tsunami of marketing campaigns from for-profit schools began currying the favor of veteran GI bill dollars. Such deceptive campaigns included the complete falsities that “90% of graduates got a job in their fields,” and, their graduates make more money than the average college graduate. There is a disturbing sickness in Phoenix’s willingness to capitalize on others’ pain. Notice in this clip the line, “took two bullets to the chest”. A direct appeal to veterans.

The result of these noble efforts was a permanent ass kicking to vets’ financial standings and futures. It was not long before the Obama administration took action: Phoenix found itself banned from military bases. Applause.

Stealing from Refugees

Unfortunately, no one in the current administration will be coming out in support for refugees the same way. Picking on even lower fruit, Phoenix has spewed out a series of ads glorifying the immigrant/ refugee story as something that Phoenix has been and can continue helping along.

It definitely pulls on the heartstrings, right? But before we collectively decide Phoenix just wants to help refugees, let’s remember the $ average price tag of an education at Phoenix, and the $ income of the average graduate. Also, if Phoenix is so altruistic, why advertise their name at all? Why not roll a heartfelt ditty, and leave it at that?

Most disturbing of all is the cowardess of the message, there’s no message at the end saying, “Phoenix stands with refugees”. In fact, there is no message about refugees aside from the content of the video. The soft spot we all carry tells us Phoenix cares about refugees because of the way they talk about them: warm tones, pleasant, uplifting stories, triumphant music. But Phoenix spends so long building this feel it may be easy to miss they have said nothing. Besides the subliminal platitudes there is no message of support for refugees. In fact, a refugee unfamiliar with Phoenix would walk away thinking the business has their best interest at heart. Ha.

There are a surprising amount of scams seeking to separate refugees from the little money they have, but this may be one of the sickest. Promising the American dream in a cruel bait-and-switch is the epitome of the wave of immigrant bashing on the rise in this country.

What can you do? Share this story to spread the word: for-profits are out to steal from refugees while they are down. If you know a potential student of for-profit, no matter what their status is, dissuade them. Lastly, call the Department of Education at 202-401-2000 and tell Betsy DeVos and her goons to reverse their current direction and crack down on for-profit education’s exploitation of refugees and other vulnerable populations.


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