Muslim Registry 2.0

Image result for nazi registry

Among the large list of crazy Trump managed to vomit out during his campaign and his post-election campaign was the idea of a Muslim registry. This idea is not new (thanks Bush), and we have written about it in the past.

That said, as seems to be the fashionable thing to do right now, people are taking proactive approaches to getting in front of possible Trump policies, and this registry is no different. Organizations have been urging tech companies to outrightly reject any attempts from the federal government to collect the names of Muslims.

No one to miss a chance to do the right thing while capitalizing on it too, the tech companies have responded by figuratively tripping over each other in emphatic rejection of assisting in the creation of a Muslim registry.

As further evidence of the lack of support, individual employees have signed a pledge to never participate in the creation of the registry.

Unfortunately this all could just be tipping the industry’s hand early, giving Trump an angle with which he could leverage some way into getting what he wants, as evidenced by all his sexual assault accusers.



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