“Wear a hoodie, not a hijab”


When wood chips were thrown into the face of her one-year-old son by a grown ass man who screamed, “I can’t wait until Trump is president because he’ll send you back to where you came from, ” was when Melissa Grajek decided to stop wearing her hijab.

Ilhan Omar, a recently elected Minnesotan representative and recently featured in a RAR article, was shouted at while leaving the White House.

A NYC transit worker was pushed down a staircase while being accosted that she is a terrorist, and she should, “go back to her own country.”

These are just a few of the instances that have sprung up in the post-Trump election. This tsunami of harassment has led to some Imams to pardoning women foregoing the hijab.

In Texas, Imam Omar Suleiman, president of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and resident scholar at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center in Irving, has urged women to doff the hijab in favor of a hoodie or other low-profile head covering.

While some are playing defense, others are going the opposite direction. Within hour of being posted, New York’s Muslim Community Network had 2,700 women register for a self-defense class. Others are purchasing pepper spray and handguns. Others still are applying for concealed-carry licenses.

The strongest case yet for removing the hijab comes from Engy Abdelkader, a senior fellow and adjunct professor at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, “One of the reasons women are encouraged to dress modestly is for their protection. Once that purpose is no longer served there’s an argument that it becomes a matter of necessity to remove it.”

Trump’s America: -37 days and counting



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