Reversals and revivals


As the nation bound along in the aftermath of a Trump won on Tuesday, many are left to worry about the future and it’s seemingly endless question marks.

What doesn’t seem to be on the table any longer is Trump’s statement that he would ban Muslims from entering the country after it was taken down from his website…then put back up.

A cornerstone of his strategy to defend against terror attacks, Trump came out strong against Muslims, saying he would ban them, only to later day he would make sure they were extremely vetted (?).

Some are choosing to take the website as a good sign, but it only proves Trump’s fickleness with his own policies, and indicates he is still playing with hate policies, if not something worse.

For instance, Trump said multiple times he supports stop-and-frisk, the police tactic used in New York City deemed unconstitutional. If you recall our article on how Muslims feel about the 2016 election,  Trump said that Muslims- those that weren’t terrorist that is- needed to be the eyes and ears to stop terrorism. Both indicate a predilection toward targeting any and all groups based on race, religion, nationality, etc.

Not only is this unconstitutional and would likely lead to another ballooning of the executive branch, and bolster hater’s notions that there is something inherently dangerous about these groups to garner this special attention.

Time will tell with a Trump administration, but it’s important to not be naive about it either. This is a man who ran on fear and hatred, history is stocked full with examples just like him.

On the upside, many are coming together to tell this man- and the world- we will not abide with hate. More than ever it is time to cover each other’s backs, stand together, and refute and rally. Be safe out there and may the wind be at your back.


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