From the Fringe to the Forefront, Courtesy of Donald

“We are asking for the immediate halting of all Muslim immigration and the removal of all illegal aliens from the United States.”

Sound familiar? If you were a betting person, you’d bet this line came from Donald Trump last Fall as he wound his way to the Republican nomination. If you bet that, you’d be wrong.

In fact Trump got his now infamous lines from the man we can attribute the above quote to, the Rev. Terry Jones. If you are foggy on who your asshat bigoted reverends are, Terry Jones made headlines the world-over for his 2011 stunt to hold a Qur’an burning.

This Trumpian pattern of pantomiming or straight up copying far-right speech and thought and serving up the tyrannical tidbits as if they were hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party MC’d by Mussolini and catered by Stalin is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean the message should be normalized. These messages are not normal, nor are they okay.

Read more about Trump’s ties to the far right.


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