Beyond the Hijab


Hopefully you’ve read the piece in this site about the hijab, its rationale, and its origins. If you have you are probably not flummoxed by this story coming out of Berkley, CA about students’ perceptions of the hijab and hijab-wearers’ perceptions of their choice to wear.

To the hijab-wearing students at U.C. Berkley, there is often a feeling of being put into a single category, even in such a free-thinking place as a college campus. Not fair they say, far from being a symbol of oppression or being a rule adherent, wearing a hijab is, “about how you conduct yourself and how you interact with others.” Furthermore say students, it’s about acknowledging, “there’s something larger than yourself out there.”

Perhaps most interestingly, Muslim women point at their fellow females as needing to re-think how they approach hijab-clad women. “Feminists that claim they’re feminists and claim that what I’m doing is wrong — undermine my experience as a female,” said Berkley student Alaa Aissi.

Well said. Read more from this gem here.



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