Muslims and cops: dining together again


NBC10 – Karen Araiza
In 2016, Muslims are controversial.


So are the police.

So it is a little bit of a mystery why the two coming together in harmony did not get more attention, but this meeting of controversies perfectly describes the recent breakfast the Muslim American Society in Philadelphia hosted for the Philly Police Department before the annual Puerto Rican Parade.

Both groups said they feel a strange kinship because, “they both know what it’s like when society makes negative assumptions about police officers or Muslims.” Both could also be said to be sensitive about swine jokes. Speaking for the society, mosque leaders said it is “important to continually reinforce to the broader community that they are good people doing good things in Philadelphia.”

Serving hundreds of cops eggs, toast, and yes, bacon, Muslims from the society served Philly PD with smiles and laughter in what has become an annual tradition. Adding to this tradition, this was the first year the police department has used the mosque the breakfast was served in as a staging ground.

Well said, well done.


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