Surges and Shortages during Eid al Adha


Bryan Thomas for The New York Times


Just imagine finishing your delicious Halal burger on the corner of Claredon Rd. and Utica in East Flatbush, stepping out to the curb, raising your hand, yelling “Taxi!,” and…


That is what New Yorkers and visitors the city over experienced this past September 12th on Eid al Adha, celebrated by Muslims worldwide as commemorating the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son. Turns out, the vast majority of NYC’s cabbies and Uber drivers are Muslims. New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission has around 150,000 drivers, the bulk of whom are from Bangladesh, home to the largest Muslim population in the world (yep). On this same day, Uber surge prices peaked at 3.7 the usual rate.

Just goes to show: Muslims: you need them for transportation, and you’ve been trusting them to drive your drunk ass to Taco Bell at 3am for a while now.

Tip well.



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