What have American-Muslims contributed? A lot actually.

Muhammad Ali in 1974.

Muhammad Ali in 1974. Photograph: Chris Smith/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

From Ice Cream Cones to the Revolutionary War, Muslims have been with America through it all, so says The Guardian and history.

In response to Donald Trump’s seemingly endless supply of Islamophobic remarks with free refills, The Guardian released an in-depth, well-rounded article chronicling the contributions of Muslims in America.

It turns out that not only were Muslim-Americans involved in the revolution, but have since been instrumental in designing its buildings, creating its medical advancements, becoming its sports stars, making its laughter, and being the literal face of the American dream.

Turns out Muslims have helped us quite a bit, so let’s put aside the dismissive attitude and the aggressive talk…after all, the Muslim you aggress may be the Muslim you later need.

For more on Muslim contributions to American, check this out.



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