About Us

Hatred roils below the surface, it boils over, it simmers down, out of sight, but always there. Rinse and repeat, memes fly about, the hot topic cycles out, on to the next issue.

Rinse and repeat. Sigh.

…But what happens in between the highlights? Clock bombs and Charlie Hebdo?  Brexit and Paris? Deportation Threats and Decapitations?

The truth is that day in and day out there is an unceasing stream of positive acts perpetrated not only by secular, urbanized Muslims, but by backcountry, salt-of-the-earth, devout Muslims as well. Every day all of these labels are shed by people who happen to be Muslim as they perform acts of service, gratitude, humility, bravery, and selflessness all around this ball floating in space.

Let’s put them in the spotlight. Let’s show that Islam, and the people who practice it, are not as simple as they seem, and there are so many other aspects in their lives than just religion that influence their decisions and actions. For every vilifying example held up claiming to be a prime example of this faith, let’s hold up a dozen refuting it, showing the good that can outshine the bad. Let’s rally around those examples and each other as we lay genuine and everlasting bridges of peace.

Let’s Refute and Rally.

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